Pastor David's Thoughts 

Rev. David Hoffman
Senior Pastor

Pastor’s Thoughts

Never Just Another Easter

Our winter was not awful, but I’m happy spring is finally here.  The rain, however, is another story.  Just when we thought things were drying out another weather system would come through bringing more rain.  I heard a comedian say he was glad for the rain because his mud was getting dehydrated.  The greatest thing about spring in the church is the celebration of Easter.
Easter happens in the spring when things are being renewed.  The bleak winter gives way to the cheerful renewal of the earth in spring.  It is more than just symbolic that Easter represents rebirth, it represents a hope and renewal for sinful humans.  It means a “do-over” in our relationship with God. 
I hope your Lenten discipline is going well.  Lent encourages us to recall our sins and shortcomings to prepare our hearts for renewal in Easter. 
This is a great time to deeply search ourselves to those discover parts of us that have been hidden in the bleakness of our winter.  We often do a spring cleaning of our homes.  We air the house to get rid of stale odors, we clean the corners of the cobwebs and we chase the dust bunnies out from under the bed.  The house sure looks good when we’re finished.  In the same way, Lent is a spring cleaning of our hearts and souls to be ready for God’s coming to live in us.
Yes, just as the house gets dirty again, our hearts and souls can get dirty again through sin.  The cure?  Clean up the mess.  Simple as that, clean it up just as you would a mess you make in your home.  In the case of sin, just call on God, declare the sin and ask for forgiveness.
We find our homes need more than just cleaning, they need regular maintenance.  Our relationship with God does as well.  You should not save all of our remorse for Lent.  The basic elements of maintenance of our soul is to seek God’s will frequently and forgiveness when you fail.  A daily (or more frequent) prayer routine is the best way to maintain the soul.  You can literally talk to God about anything.  No special formula or pattern, just talk.  God listens.  And God answers.    
I remember being told if something was worth having it was worth working for, or something like that.  The most beautiful part of the Easter story is that Jesus did all the hard work for us.  Our efforts are small in comparison.  In our human brokenness we seek God and ask for forgiveness.  Just remember that this is an ongoing, never ending process.  Be sure to thank God for everything you have, spiritual and material, while you are at it.  The result of this well-maintained relationship is the wonderful gift of salvation and eternal life.



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