Pastor David's Thoughts 

Rev. David Hoffman
Senior Pastor

Pastor’s Thoughts


Is Re-Gifting Okay?
Gift giving has rules.  Of course, we buy something we think the person needs or will use, but we also consider age, size, favorite colors, and personal tastes.  Even considering all the rules, we sometimes get that one gift that is, in a word, hideous.  Hopefully it’s a joke. I enjoy seeing the stories of friends who exchange that same ugly tie every year or even the same fruitcake for many years.
Recalling that the Magi brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the Christ-child, I wonder what gift we might possibly give to Christ, were we Magi.  After careful thought, we must break the rule forbidding re-gifting. 
Christ was given to us bringing love and hope and the promise of eternal life.  The gift that keeps on giving, better than the “Jelly-of-the-Month Club.”  All Jesus has asks in return is that we love God and give ourselves in service to the Kingdom.  Yes, God invented re-gifting.  When we give love, hope, peace and compassion to others just as God has done for us, we are re-gifting.  God insists, so re-gift proudly.
The other rules no longer apply either.  Gift giving can be stressful.  It is difficult to find that perfect gift for everybody.  With God, there are no sizes, styles or fashion trends to worry about.  Literally, anything you do for anyone else that relieves suffering and gives hope is the perfect gift.  I’m not speaking of money alone, I’m referring more to non-monetary gifts, the gift of YOU, your time, your hands, your words, your love and your prayers.

We do good things out of gratitude to God for what has been done for us and for no other reason. Even though we expect nothing in return, God does it anyway. Out of love for us, God continues to give us blessing upon blessing. God has created a literal re-gifting cycle by loving and blessing us, which we pass to others and return a portion to God and the cycle continues.  As others receive love and blessings from us in God’s name, and they too pass it on, another cycle is created.  
I wish for each of you a happy Christmas season filled with childlike excitement and the joy of God’s greatest blessings.  May you be surrounded by family and loved ones and celebrate the love God has given you for one another.  May you have enough for yourself and some to share with others.  Finally, I ask God to give you a servant desire to show yourself a true re-gifter of God’s love.



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